Hopefully, you have already enjoyed some success. If not, we urge a little of patience. Sometimes, and with some industries and projects it takes sometime for noticeable success to build. As our growing list of satisfied customers will tell you, success will build.

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Let me build you a new house, or remodel your existing home, it is quick, easy and affordable at Vamvima Construction Company.




It is an honor and privilege to do business with you, if you don’t know what that means, it means it is an honor and privilege to accept and reject your request for doing construction at your property. I want everyone to know that some people’s money has no buying power at my company just like some nations’ currencies has no buying power. It means that our construction company does not accept jobs from everybody, we are very selective of who we build for and do business with. Currencies such as Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won, Thai Baht, has more chances of getting accepted, but dollar is not always accepted and sometimes treated like blank paper without any value. Your money might not get you anything from my company, and what is money when it has no buying power, I don’t have to answer you that now, we will discuss it at our meetings.

Now that you are earning and rich, what to do with all that money, build yourself a good home, at least paint your home. And like the film Scarface, the money to be ready, and don’t trespass to anyone’s home, or you will have to say hello to their little friends, or unless you are very strong to come and kill and get away with it, “Tony open the fucking door”, Tony Montana’s butler yelling while getting shot killed by intruders, his sister and himself got killed momentarily after fighting with trespassers. Let my company build you a private home, or renovate, remodel, paint your home, and remember it is an honor and privilege to  do business, we currently don’t do any business with any black people, and any Muslim people, they lost their trust in previous transactions, so if you are one of them people don’t waste your time or mine, we won’t do business with you, your money has no buying power here, and sometimes one banker bankrupts the whole bank. It is an honor and privilege to do business. 

Trivia Money Conversation: What did you win? I won Won. I think he bought it with baht, didn’t have any Yen, other currencies are not circulating like the round object yuan.

Trivia Money Joke:

Person1: I baht these construction product.

Person2: You might have Won it, this business doesn’t take your currency, even if it was a Chinese round object.

Person3: I paid one Won for one hen in exchange of one yen.  yeah.


I wish my friends and clients every success.