Available in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns, wallpaper can add character and texture to a room, whether you’re papering the entire space or just covering an accent wall.

Today’s wallpaper choices are easy to install. Peel and stick wallpaper is ideal for smaller spaces or to add texture and pattern to cabinets and bookshelves. This removable wallpaper option allows you to easily swap it out for another design down the road. For the best of both worlds, consider the custom look of paintable wallpaper. This plain white paper has textured patterns, and you can paint it the color of your choice after you install it. Just as you would with paint, choose several wallpaper samples before committing to a style. Hang samples on several walls in a room to see how they look throughout the day before making your final selection.

Types of Wallpaper
Wallpaper designs range in style from floral wallpaper and modern geometric patterns to classic plaids and floral prints. Consider a bold color or print for a large room with neutral accents. Choose less busy patterns for smaller spaces, such as a foyer or bathroom. When selecting a wallpaper, consider the following options:

Paper wallpaper; is the most common choice.

Textured wallpaper; adds dimension to a room, while foiled wallpaper creates an illusion of light in darker rooms with its metallic finish.

Vinyl wallpaper; is durable, easy to clean and simple to install and remove. The waterproof vinyl coating makes it an ideal bathroom or kitchen wallpaper.

Fabric wallpaper; uses natural fibers, like linen and hemp. These textiles bring an earthy vibe to your decor, and some are made with sustainable materials.